Money-Back Guarantee From ProHomeworkHelper

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If you ask us whether ProHomeworkHelper is safe to use, we will answer, “yes!” Do not hesitate to get our homework help because we will provide you with professional assistance without any risks. We understand that some students may not be sure of helping services – that’s why we provide you with our guarantees. 

We tried to point all cases for getting a refund out. However, if you don’t find your situation in the list below, simply contact our support team and explain what your problem is. We can return the money to you if it is justified.

Cases when money back can be guaranteed:

  • The client paid for the order twice. Please note that the customer must contact the support team as soon as possible. Payment for the faulty order will be returned.
  • In case the client wants to cancel the order because it is not needed. Please note that in this case, the client must contact our support team quickly, before the appointment of an expert and starting working on the order. Otherwise, you will not get a full refund.
  • An expert missed the deadline. If the assignment is delivered after the deadline, our support team will make the recalculation of the order cost according to the actual delivery time as compensation. If the delay happens due to late attaching of additional materials from the client’s side, he or she cannot apply for such a refund.
  • If a client wants to cancel an order immediately after an expert has started working on it, be aware that you will not get a full refund. The amount of refund will depend on how much time an expert has spent on your order. 
  • Poor quality of the assignment. The customer can get a refund if he or she is fully dissatisfied with the work done. 

Please remember that when a client requests a 100% refund, he or she will automatically revoke any entitlement to the finished assignment.

When will you receive a refund?

If the client desires a refund, they need to contact our support team, and the order will be checked. We analyze every case individually and make a final decision. This usually takes 3-4 business days. But, in some situations, the process may take less or more, depending on the details of each particular case.

Please be aware that some banks take longer to process the refund procedure.