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Students who don’t know where to start ordering homework help online the first time often ask the same questions. Answering them, our team has analyzed and noticed that all your questions have something common. Luckily, we’ve combined our answers on them so you can easily understand how our service works. 

Safety and confidentiality

1. Is your service safe for cooperation?

Yes, our team follows a privacy policy and rules of confidentiality so you can feel safe when an expert prepares an order for you. We guarantee that your data will be encrypted. Moreover, you don’t need to provide us with your college/university or your personal name. 

2. Will my teacher understand I’ve ordered homework on your service?

No, your teacher will not find out that your project is from one of our experts unless you tell them. We don’t sign any homework with the name of our writers. Still, we recommend using the homework sample you’ve gotten from us only as an inspirational source for better preparation for your subject and writing your own work. 

3. Will you use my work in the next orders?

No, we don’t use your project sample in any of the following orders from other students. Our experts process each task from scratch, even if the topic is common. Due to unique requirements, it is difficult to repeat someone’s solution in different projects, so your order is safe and unique.

Deadline and delivery 

4. When will my order be ready?

Every order has a deadline, which you will input while writing us your requirements in the order form. Therefore, our experts rely on this date while working on your project. 

5. How much time will you spend fixing my assignment?

The time may vary depending on the number of corrections you ask your expert to include in the project sample. If you cooperate with the same writer, it takes three hours on average. Still, if you change a specialist, a revision will take no less than twelve hours. 

6. Can you do my homework urgently?

To complete a high-quality homework sample, experts need to work for a while. Indeed, we can manage urgent orders, but consider that four hours is the minimum time for processing a one-page order since we must assign a specialist for it. Therefore, placing an order at the last minute, remember that it takes time to find the best matching specialist for your task.

Order process

7. How can I buy homework on your website?

It is easy! Just complete an order form providing us such information as the topic, type of paper, discipline, preferable deadline, academic level, and number of pages. When we see your requirements, we choose an expert who suits your discipline most. 

8. When will you find an expert for me?

We always rely on custom requirements, and if we have free experts ready to process your order right now, the searching process might take up to several hours. Still, if you order in a popular period when students prepare for exams, it could take longer, so you will get in contact with your specialists in several days. 

9. I want to place an order, but it is late. Can I do it immediately because tomorrow I have to send my assignment to a teacher?

Yes, you can place an order anytime you wish because we work around the clock. We know that students learn in different time zones, so our schedule is compatible with any location.

Account details

10. How can I create my account on your service?

Your account is created automatically once you’ve placed an order on our website. There is no need to look for an extra option, just fill in the order form and stay relaxed! We have enough experts for your task.

11. What if I forgot my password?

You can easily restore it using your email. Don’t worry, as you won’t lose your projects. In any case, feel free to contact our support team 24/7 to cover all your technical issues concerning our website. 

12. Can I delete my account from your database? 

Yes, you can easily delete your account. Still, remember that all your orders will be cleared and removed from our history. You can place a new order and create a new account, but you can’t return to your previous projects. 

Communication on our service

13. Can I contact my writer?

Yes, you can do it anytime on your account page. Just send your specialist a message and wait for a response. Your expert will answer as soon as they appear online. 

14. I want to ask for a revision. Can I do this?

Sure! Your expert will provide all requested improvements to your text if it is enough time before the deadline. Remember, it is totally free. 

15. Where can I get help if my specialist is offline?

You can contact our support team instantly if you face some challenges during the cooperation process or even before placing your first order on our website. 

Benefits of using homework help service

16. Will I get high grades for my homework?

Even if every expert on our website has completed degrees in world-recognized universities and writes only high-quality solutions, we can’t guarantee that you will get high marks for the sample. All the homework you’ve received from our specialists acts as an inspirational source so you can prepare for your class independently. If you face some difficulties in studying and your teacher can’t help you, you can always ask for an explanation on our service. Remember, you have all chances to become an excellent student effortlessly, and it depends on you!

17. Why should I ask you to do my homework?

First of all, you will save the time that you would spend researching solutions or materials. The next beneficial moment is you have a solid sample of how your homework should be structured. If you are a first-year student, asking for homework assistance is crucial to understanding what you need to do during your education.